DFP User interface

RA – DFP is our cloud-based solution for creating documents from almost any data source. It can be setup to run in a completely automated mode or controlled by a user interface that allows interaction with data, as well as with design.

RA – DFP is equally suited for data intense products, such as financial pages or time tables, as it is for design oriented products such as product catalogs or school yearbooks.

We use a unique approach to control Adobe InDesign’s XML-import and automation features, allowing our clients close to full freedom when it comes to design, while keeping data import and performance at a top level.

For security and added flexibility the system is built of three distinctly separated parts, the backend responsible for data handling, storage and most system functions, the optional web-based user interface, and the Adobe InDesign machine.

While the backend and user interface are cloud-based, the InDesign machine is typically located on the client’s in-house network. This enables us to directly access high resolution images and if necessary other data too, that could be of sensitive nature or regulated by strict GDPR legislation. We support Adobe InDesign desktop as well as InDesign server, and for extreme performance requirements multiple instances may be deployed and load balanced.