Who we are and what we do

Our products are developed by a team of consultants in Sweden, and a team in India, working in close collaboration with users running the systems in high volume / high quality production. By reacting to user feedback and having many years of continuous production since the first release, we are proud to present a real workhorse, with a proven track record.

Using the built-in features of XML import in InDesign, combined with a very intuitive and flexible way to control the look of your document, all in InDesign, RA – DFP provides you the ability to automate the production of catalogs, year books, time tables, flyers, well actually there is not much of a limit to what you can produce. Let us know what your needs are, and we will be happy to guide you in finding the best solution.

RA – DFP, and DFP – Proof are but two of our products. Under the brandname RA, two consultants are hiding, Richard Rönnbäck, and Adim Lundin, both having a long background in teaching, programming, quality control, color management, and automating workflows in the graphic industry. Believe it or not, we have been doing this since 1987! Time flies...

Privileged to be trusted by clients such as IKEA, H&M, SKF, TetraPak, and Bonnier, we are equally happy to help our smaller clients, whose needs may be on a lesser scale, but are just as important. We also keep ourselves busy working with our clients on other areas, such as basic workflow issues like file handling, or scripting Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

The team

Having a keen interest to travel, he had the fortune to combine this with his work as a photographer during several years of travel in China, India, and other parts of the world. Being an active member of the board in the Swedish Photographer´s association, and an early adopter of working with digital imaging, he was during the entire nineties very active teaching his fellow photographers, and others in the graphic industry.

While teaching the art of mastering how to work with digital imaging, scanning, and retouch in the then very new product Adobe Photoshop, it became apparent to Adim how frustratingly difficult it was to predict color and quality of images in the final printed product. The need to understand how to control image quality naturally led to next area of interest.

During more than a decade, from the early nineties, Adim was deeply involved in applied color management, and one of the central figures in getting the Swedish graphic industry to accept and embrace quality control by using ICC-profiles, system calibration, and knowledge. Using a very thorough, and at that time novel approach, he traveled around Sweden, and also internationally, to teach, preach, and apply inter-application and cross-vendor quality control by process control, and ICC-based color management.

With a deep insight into hardware, software, as well as the production process of the graphic industry, from creator to final output, Adim today works mainly with finding and fixing production bottlenecks by automation and minimizing repetitive manual tasks.

In 2000 he was recruited to Adobe's Swedish office where he became Business Development Manager and responsible for Adobe line of print production products. Eventually, his urge to do more hands-on development led him to start his own consulting company, while still maintaining a very close relation with Adobe, where he ended up as PR manager for Adobe's Nordics. Up to this day Adobe continues to use his expertise for writing tutorials, leading seminars, and being a beta tester of Adobe's upcoming products.

From 2004 his main focus has been his own business where he does development for, and training of, some of Scandinavia’s most prominent companies.

Richard is also a regular speaker and appreciated presenter at trade shows and conferences, as well as a contributing writer for publishing magazines.