Automated Document production and online Proof reading

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You are pretty free to design your document as you like, using familiar tools like Adobe InDesign, and drive the production based on almost any data source, such as Excel, json, XML, CSV, or a direct database connection.

Just as an example, some of the products being produced on a daily basis by our clients range from product catalogs and year books, to the financial information of major newspapers. Some are produced with our cloud-based solution DFP, and some by custom built solutions.

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Whether the production team consist of only a few people, or if the team is really large, finding what needs to be fixed and keeping track of all those changes, can be a real challenge. Not uncommon is to use workflows such as sending PDF’s to everyone involved, and having a small nightmare trying to handle all the input.

With DFP – Proof, you can keep an entire proofing workflow easy and clear for all. Images or documents may be distributed to the right people at the right time, and all user comments will be visible to the team. You can upload needed artwork to a comment, draw, chat, and follow the progress from start to completion by tracking status on an image or page level, as well as on the entire document.

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While automation by now no longer can be regarded as a buzzword, but rather part of almost any industries way of life to reach competitiveness, the successful implementation of automation is what finally decides if the effort was worth it.

We have focused on solving some very specific bottlenecks in the production workflows of images and documents, and to do it as well and as efficiently as we possibly can. If you are in search for a cloud-based service that can be put to work within a very short time, or if you need a custom solution tailored to your specific needs, we are here to help and guide you all the way.

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